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JDS/CAIN!!!!!! Empty JDS/CAIN!!!!!!

Post  duallie on Sun Dec 30, 2012 3:52 am

well, where to start.

first, that was not a great fight.
so many will probably be ooing and aahing over it.
but that was a very sloppy, poor performance by both fighters.
i think it exposed them both more than anything.

1. we now know that jds has no ground game at all.
at no point did any thought of offensive or defensive bjj enter his mind while he was on the ground.
he clearly had no chance at doing anything on the feet anymore, yet he never showed even a glimmer or spark of bjj knowledge when he was on the mat.
now i was still giving him the benefit of the doubt.
i figured that his brain was just that scrambled that he couldn't even think clearly.
but that was then dismissed when he showed clear signs of having his wits about him.
he started throwing anderson reverse-elbows to hopefully land some bone on bone shots as his hands just didn't have the power anymore.

2. cain was more exposed than anything.
he had jds completely gassed.
his arms were down, he could barely even stand, and this was in the first two minutes of the fight.
he then was unable to finish him at all over the remaining five rounds.
he was able to fire at will at a defenseless junior, and couldn't put him away.
he was getting his takedowns stuffed by a totally gassed and dummied jds.
jds was able to just get right back up when he was taken down.
cain couldn't even control him on the ground.

yes, junior showed that he can take a huge beating.
he took shots that should/would have knocked most sons'o'bitches out.
or did he?
were cain's punches really that hard?
i'm thinking they were and that junior is one tough fucking prick.
but, jds was completely gassed and almost the walking dead in there, and he was still able to stuff cain's takedowns and still land punches.

there's no way that cain should have not been able to finish that fight.
a flurry of strikes should have been enough to get it stopped.
jds showed that under pressure he can be dominated.
cain showed that he ain't got the power or wrestling that he's been blown up to have.
or is junior really that good that he made it look that shitty?
i can see it being a combination of both.
i mean, really, these are the two best hws.
but junior was pretty much destroyed in there and cain looked like he hadn't even fought.

all i know is that i was more unimpressed with both of them in that fight.
jds showed me that he's a tough fucker, but he looked like shit under pressure.

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JDS/CAIN!!!!!! Empty Re: JDS/CAIN!!!!!!

Post  S. Zulu on Sun Dec 30, 2012 4:26 pm

Fedor would've beaten both of them last night.

Good breakdown and I agree with you. I'm no Cain hater but his takedown attempts in the beginning were sloppy and desperate, save the one where he slammed him. His pace and that punch did Junior in but it wasn't a great performance to say the least. Junior will be back and ,IMO , he had never been pressured like that and needs to prepare himself for that. And if he has a ground game, FUCKING USE IT !!!

My hat's off to Cain tho. Sloppy or not, he went in there and took that shit.
S. Zulu
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