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Post  duallie on Sun Dec 09, 2012 2:18 pm

something i thought of late last night.
it's refreshing to see this guy.

so many bitch and moan about fighters refusing to fight team-mates.
cain/cormier is a great example.
dc is even talking about avoiding hw altogether because of his bff cain.

then we have rory.
he's calling out guys from his own camp.
he wants condit next, and after that, it only makes sense that georges would be next.
he says that he will one day be the champion at ww.
very refreshing i think.
if his initials were dc, he'd be content beating everyone up but then would turn down a shot at gsp.
rory definitely has the attitude of a champion.
take on everyone that stands before him.
and avenge your losses.

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