NATE DIAZ - now what after benson?

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NATE DIAZ - now what after benson?

Post  duallie on Sun Dec 09, 2012 2:10 pm

what does nate do now?
this was his big chance.
it's not like there's any point in working his way back to a rematch, he had absolutely nothing for the champ.
i guess he'd get another good payday though.

i really don't think he'd be silly enough to go to ww.
i'd really like to see nate/bj.
but i think bj will probably be done.
he hates getting his ass kicked.

is nate just going to fight contenders now?
i guess if one just likes to fight, there's no problem with that.
he should be fighting three-four times a year and just start banking money.
a belt is not in his future anymore.

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